Sunday, April 8, 2012

Breastfeeding In Public

To cover or not to cover. That is the question. What if you want to breastfeed your baby, but you don't want anyone to "see anything"?

Why is nursing in public (aka NIP) such a big deal right now anyway?

I had my first baby in 2000, almost 12 years ago. He was exclusively breastfed. I breast-fed him whenever and wherever we were the entire 14 months that I was nursing him. Special "nursing covers" were a lot less popular back then, though I did see them on occasion. I never used a cover or blanket to try and "hide" what we were doing. I'm pretty modest and don't like to draw attention to myself. I was uncomfortable at the thought of exposing my breast to someone, so I quickly learned how to lift my shirt just enough to slip baby onto the breast.

I found I drew little attention from the public when I was nursing my baby. I began to realize, what many moms have since told me, that most people don't even realize that you're breastfeeding. When you are nursing your baby, without a cover. most people think you are holding a sleeping baby.

I LOVE this photo (above) because the mom in the picture reports, "My mom posted it on Facebook three days ago and JUST NOW realized that baby was nursing!"

Now, 12 years later I'm nursing my third child. It is making me crazy that so many women do not feel comfortable nursing in public. Many think that in order to be "discrete" or because they feel modest that a cover is the way to go. The reality is using a cover draws MORE attention. If you want  no one to notice you, just nurse!

My message: Just do it!

Who is drawing more attention? This mom:

Or this mom?
Udder Cover

Do you see anything that needs to be covered up? Anything mom should feel embarrassed about?

Do you see any breasts?

This really says it all:

A BIG thanks to the moms from Cafemom who shared their NIP photos with me and allowed me to use them in this post.


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