Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cafemoms Share the Real Benefits of Breasstfeeding

The Real Benefits of Breastfeeding
by Dayna Markley

We all hear about the benefits of breastfeeding from our doctors and other health care professionals. We hear it on TV, newspapers, magazines, just about everywhere! Well, what about the benefits we don't always hear about? The real benefits of breastfeeding.

All the health benefits of breastfeeding are wonderful but the amazing emotional benefits to moms and babies are something you get to see and feel each day! I know well the deep feelings of love, closeness, and pride that come with nursing your little one.

The breastfeeding moms group on the site, a social site like facebook that is just for mothers, is a place for breastfeeding moms to come together and talk. Not to my surprise, many of the other moms had similar experiences to share.

I want to share our thoughts and feelings with everyone who is a mother or soon will be because I feel these benefits aren't spoken about nearly enough! So here are some of the real benefits of breastfeeding, quoted from breastfeeding moms far and wide...

(KemClaughlin) Kristin-I feel like a goddess when I am feeding my baby. I feel like I am fulfilling a divine purpose and sometimes when I am nursing the feeling is overwhelming and I want to cry.

(LKRA)Leslie-Never sick. Ever, ever, ever.

(Gruntlings)Sara-Knowing I'm not messing with what nature intends.

(precious333)Julia-I love how nursing calms the storm, for mommy and baby. As soon as my baby latches on there is a certain calmness, peace and rest that cannot be duplicated by anything else. All the worries tend to drift off as I enjoy the company of my little breastling.

(mama02040608)Kerri-Knowing even my "big boy" still needs momma!

(mom-loving-it)Margaret-I feel like Mother Earth. For 9 months I held this child to grow, I labored and held this baby from his beginning. I give him all I have-love, comfort, nourishment, sleep and a connection that will last a lifetime. I am a life-bearer and life-sustainer and I feel like I finally know what it truly means to be a woman.

(kyriesmommy13)Dana-Nursing forces me to relax, to sit down and hold or lay with my child. As Kyrie gets older, I find myself getting caught up in life's daily activities. Nursing time is our special time together, just the two of us. It allows me to give her my undivided attention, to reconnect and recharge throughout the day. It reinforces everything I believe in and that the choices I've made are what is right for us.
It allows me to appreciate the beauty of nature and being a mother. The one who can comfort, nourish and heal all! Breastfeeding-it is truly something! So beautifully simple and amazingly complex.

(griefsticken)Candace-The way baby Zaylei's eyes roll in the back of her head just as she latches on even though she just woke up and isn't tired. She's just satisfied.That I'm all she wants, that I make her happy and not some artificial object. The calm and contentment of my baby while nursing cannot be duplicated by ANYTHING!

Thank you to all the Cafemoms who contributed to this article!